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A large collage made from multiple cut-up, hand-colored, and reformulated copies of item #41, "Pulled Apart," with an added topographical element.

A collage made from cutouts of previous works, with a photograph of Randall in Burning Man "Giant Eyeball" costume in central foreground.

A photocollage composed from magazine cutouts and bonded onto paper.

A collage of elements in item #, Pulled Apart, placed upon a colored background of item # , Threads.

A poster design for the Grateful Dead spinoff band Phil Lesh & Friends, created for an in-store appearance at Twist and Shout Records, possibly in Denver, CO. Collaged background incorporates item #, Threads.

A photocollage of black & white cutouts of print media made into a giraffe or mantis shape.

Another version of _Early Appearance of Winged Guy_, with additional letter-like titles and bordered by a collage of the "wires" background of item #.
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