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Welcome to The Art of Jeff Randall. Let your eyeballs do the walking.




Saxon, Eric


All artwork Copyright © 2015 The Family of Jeff Randall.

Collection Items

Color Chasm
A large collage made from multiple cut-up, hand-colored, and reformulated copies of item #41, "Pulled Apart," with an added topographical element.

Burning Man
A collage made from cutouts of previous works, with a photograph of Randall in Burning Man "Giant Eyeball" costume in central foreground.

Stained Glass Jigsaw
A pen and ink drawing on paper mounted on a paper towel.

Face Forms
A drawing on fibrous paper saturated with green and red ink.

Eyeball People
This procession of eyeballs contains an icon that recalls the Reichsadler, or "Imperial Eagle" from Germany's coat of arms (in bright green at right), but it is most likely included here as a reference to the German industrial band Einstürzende…

Eyeball Cram
A drawing that Randall uncharacteristically signed as "Rüde."

Graphic from the Front Cover of The Tibetan Book of the Dead
A pen and ink drawing based on the front cover graphic of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Walter Evans-Wentz translation.

This is one of the few Jeff Randall artworks that approaches total abstraction.

Musical Gathering
A print of an original collage that consists of an arrangement of black figures in patterned garments positioned in front of a copy of item #52, "Threads."

Red Eyeball Pixellated
A pixellated version of item #60, Red Eyeball.
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