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Drawing in graphite of a 1970s-style outdoor music festival in which the musical act is very far away from the viewer.

Drawing of the British punk band the Sex Pistols inspired by animation in the 1980 film, "The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle." Made at age 14.

Drawing copied from front cover of Psychic TV album "Force the Hand of Chance."

Homemade album cover for the English post-punk band Crispy Ambulance.

Drawing of skull labeled "PSW," acronym for "Power of the Spoken Word," a speed metal band from Lincoln, NE active from 1982-1985.

Grateful Dead skull drawing in black ink on notebook paper.

A T-Shirt design printed on a transparency, designed in 1988. Design features common Grateful Dead symbols such as a scarab and a rose, with "psychedelic" lettering, as well as Randall decorative flourishes such as crosses and paramecia.

A rendition in ink and marker of the cover art and/or related promotional materials for the British pop band Blur's 1990 single, "She's So High." Original art by Mel Ramos,

A version of a Grateful Dead logo with a background of differently colored interconnected wires or neurons. See also item # 134, "Grateful Dead Prezygotic Skull."
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