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A copy of the cover art of the British band Blur's single, "She's So High," details including the placement of the "Blur" logo embellished by Jeff Randall. Original art by Mel Ramos,

A collage made from cutouts of previous works, with a photograph of Randall in Burning Man "Giant Eyeball" costume in central foreground.

A drawing that Randall uncharacteristically signed as "Rüde."

This procession of eyeballs contains an icon that recalls the Reichsadler, or "Imperial Eagle" from Germany's coat of arms (in bright green at right), but it is most likely included here as a reference to the German industrial band Einstürzende…

The first of a series of works that have traveled to interesting places to reside in private collections.

Drawing copied from front cover of Psychic TV album "Force the Hand of Chance."
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