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Photograph of the artist as a baby.

Drawing in crayon, tempera, and graphite of a spider in its web with a pattern on its back. Artist's signature included in a demarcated space on bottom right.

Drawing in pen and graphite of the cartoon character Porky Pig looking through a telescope.

Drawing in pen of rabbit in prone position or in the act of leaping, created at age 9.

Drawing in graphite of deer head, the shadow it cast, bottle of Grand Marnier, onion, walnut, leaf, and mushrooms arranged in a still life. Features early use of the circumflex (ˆ) over lettering, here in "Château" on the bottle. Created at age 11 on…

Drawing in graphite of a deer head, possibly a trophy head, created on 4/4/1980 at age 12.

Drawing in graphite of an alert rabbit looking over its shoulder, resembling those often seen in and around Lincoln, NE. Created at age 12 on 1/4/1980.

Drawing in graphite of a stock car, muscle car, or remote control car.

Drawing in graphite of a 1970s-style outdoor music festival in which the musical act is very far away from the viewer.

Drawing of various mascots from the Big 8 athletic conference with number 12, Jarvis Redwine of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, emerging from the pack. Created on 11/1/1980
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